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Welcome to the new Careers in Medicine (CiM) website.

The new CiM website continues to offer valuable content to help you with one of the most important decisions you will make during your medical career: identifying the specialties that best fit you.

The newly redesigned and mobile-friendly CiM website now makes it easier than ever for you to find the information you want when you want it.  

Organized with you in mind

Content is now organized and color-coded by CiM’s four-phase career planning process, making it easier for medical students to make well-informed, confident career decisions and a smart residency application strategy. 

CiM's homepage displaying the 4-phase career planning model


Improved, more intuitive search

The search function is more accurate and useful to provide the results that CiM users need.

CiM website search result listing

Easier to navigate

Navigation menus are organized to help you more easily see the wealth of information and tools that CiM offers and to more quickly find what you’re looking for.

CiM's website left navigation expanded to show site sections

Save it for later

Time-strapped medical students and advisors can now scan content and “favorite” items to save and explore later.

An article on CiM's website with notification it's saved in favorites

Mobile-friendly design

The site has a sleek, intuitive design that can be viewed and navigated easily on any mobile device. 

overhead view of laptop, iPhone, and tablet displaying CiM website homepage

Continuously improving

The redesigned Careers in Medicine website is the result of expert consultation and data analysis used in the development of the new site, and it will continue to evolve and improve based on user feedback.

Let us know how the new site is working for you or share feedback on how it could work better by emailing us at