Careers in Medicine Timeline


  • Orientation to Careers in Medicine (CiM)
  • Connect with an advisor or mentor

Understand Yourself

  • Attend CiM workshops at your school
  • Begin taking self-assessments on the CiM website


Explore Options

  • Begin gathering basic information about specialties of interest
  • Attend specialty interest groups and panels at your school
  • Conduct informational interviews or participate in preceptorships
  • Compare your assessment results to the information you’ve gathered about specialties
  • Plan your third-year schedule
  • Take USMLE® Step 1


Choose a Specialty

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss your top specialty preferences
  • Complete the Specialty Indecision Scale if you're having difficulty making a specialty decision

Prepare for Residency

  • ERAS opens for applicants
  • Register with ERAS and begin preparing residency application materials
  • Request letters of recommendation from faculty in your chosen specialty(ies)