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    CMOG/GFP Virtual Programming: Aligning Faculty with Non-Academic Physicians Across One System of Care

    On December 8, 2020, CMOG and GFP sponsored a webinar on aligning faculty with non-academic physicians across one system of care. Emory Healthcare Physician Group Practices is a case study and success story more than a decade in the making. During this webinar, two leaders from the Emory Healthcare effort spoke about their challenges and successes as they worked to develop this practice plan. Their journey included organic growth, and the acquisition of both private practices and whole health systems to create a cohesive group of more than 1700 medical school faculty members, and 380 non-faculty physicians in 280 locations.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Attendees will be able to describe Emory's strategies and lessons learned.
    2. Attendees will be able to identify the cultural and financial implications of large scale growth and integration.


    Penny Castellano, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Emory Clinic and Specialty Associates

    Maureen Haldeman, MBA/MHA, Chief Operating Officer, Emory Clinic and Specialty Associates


    Presentation slides (PDF)