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    Webinar: Alternative Grading During Academic Disruption

    On Tuesday, April 28, 2020, the AAMC hosted the webinar Alternative Grading During Academic Disruption. In the wake of COVID-19 colleges and universities have abruptly shifted to distance education while still being required to meet accreditation standards. Students have had to recalibrate their studies while navigating campus closures, obtaining accommodations, reallocating resources, and managing increased stress. In response, many colleges and universities are offering alternative grading policies for students. These changes to grading policies, as well as to the curricula, have implications for the upcoming admissions cycle.

    During this webinar, participants will:

    • consider the rationale behind alternative grading
    • explore possible adjustments to admission policies in support of disrupted learning
    • understand the effects of alternative grading on medical school applications


    Brandon J. Hunter
    Director of Student Affairs, AAMC


    Princess Currence, DSW-C
    Director, Curriculum and Education, Rush University Medical Center

    Marie Lynn Miranda, PhD
    Director, Children’s Environmental Health Initiative
    Professor of Statistics, Rice University and Provost-Elect, University of Notre Dame

    David Wofsy, MD
    Associate Dean for Admissions, UCSF School of Medicine

    Sharifa Dickenson, M.A.Ed.
    Director of AMCAS Operations, AAMC