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    AAMC GRA GME Leadership Competencies

    The AAMC GRA represents institutional GME leaders who oversee GME quality, accreditation, administration, and financing in AAMC member medical schools and teaching hospitals. The GRA mission is to provide information, networking, and professional development programs to help members meet their responsibilities as GME leaders. The Institutional GME Leadership Competencies (GMELCs) have been developed and maintained under the auspices of the GRA, as a dynamic, living compendium resource to be periodically updated with the changing GME and health care environments. As such, the GRA Steering Committee charged the GME Leadership Competencies Committee for maintenance and oversight of the GMELCs, including the 4th iteration of the GMELCs, issued Fall 2023.

    The goal of this monograph is to support the continuing development of current and aspiring institutional leaders of GME and to inform the academic medicine community about the myriad roles, functions, and professional contributions of its GME leaders. Building on the contributions of previous GMELC work groups, the 2023 updated version has been informed by input from GME leaders across the continuum.

    The GMELCs represent a compendium of competencies essential for excellence in institutional GME leadership roles and are intended to serve as a practical resource for GME leaders individually, for organizations, and for the GME community at large.

    The accompanying assessment instrument PDF is designed to help guide individual professional development and that of aspiring GME leaders.