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    “Women ≠ Tiny Men: How Do We Balance the Scales for Women’s Health?” by Jennifer Reardon

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital  
    The Robert G. Fenley Writing Awards: General Staff Writing 

    “Women ≠ Tiny Men: How Do We Balance the Scales for Women’s Health?” gives Brigham magazine readers a sense of how medical research in the United States systematically left women out of past studies, describes the long-lasting health ramifications that have resulted for women, and outlines efforts to repair health inequities. 
    What was the most impactful part of your entry? 
    From Jennifer Reardon: It felt impactful to share information with our readers about inequities that many may not be aware of and to detail the dedication and tireless work of Brigham physician-researchers to address these inequities and improve women’s health. I learned a lot by talking to these individuals and wanted others to know about this incredible work. 
    What challenge did you overcome? 
    From Jennifer Reardon: Brigham is doing so much work in women’s health in various disease areas. The biggest challenge was discerning which initiatives to highlight and which physicians and researchers to quote. I heard many repeating themes throughout my interviews and background research, so I sifted through the mountain of information to focus on what I wanted to bring to the surface in telling this story. 
    Contact: Joy Howard