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    University of Miami Health System Collective Website

    University of Miami Health System 
    Electronic Communications: Websites 

    “The UHealth Collective,” a redesigned health education blog by the University of Miami Health System, is a beacon in the sector of health, wellness, and lifestyle education. This new digital platform serves a broad audience by synthesizing cutting-edge academic medical research, comprehensive specialist care advice, and practical strategies for health and fitness, all within the framework of brand journalism.  
    Our platform embodies the spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as evidenced by our careful selection of diverse imagery, particularly representing Miami’s vibrant Hispanic community. This conscious visual curation fosters a sense of belonging for our multicultural audience. Additionally, we translate all content into Spanish, reflecting our commitment to making crucial health information accessible to everyone.  

    Underlying our strategy is a narrative focused on the work and motivation of our researchers. Introducing our audience to the people behind the science not only humanizes our brand, but it makes scientific progress more tangible and understandable for a wider audience.  
    Our content, which spans across categories like “Your Best Life,” “Mindfulness,” and “Expert Voices,” epitomizes our holistic, patient-centered approach. Our content is not just steeped in academic knowledge and medical research, but is accessible and action-oriented, bridging the gap between theory and practice. 
    What was the most impactful part of your entry? 
    “The UHealth Collective” is making significant strides in public health education, patient empowerment, and health equity. Its services cater to a diverse demographic, thanks to the Spanish translations of its content, broadening the horizon of essential health information. Our deliberate use of diverse imagery, notably featuring the Hispanic community, fosters inclusivity and community belonging. This approach amplifies the message that health is a universal right, not a privilege.  
    The platform’s user-friendly interface, coupled with action-oriented and practical content, demystifies health care, thereby enhancing the accessibility of health-related information and the overall quality of life for numerous users.
    A significant aspect of our impact is our brand journalism strategy. By highlighting the work and motivation of our researchers, we provide a human touch to the scientific discourse. This storytelling approach brings scientific progress to life, making it more understandable and relatable to our audience. 
    What is one thing you learned from your entry/experience? 
    One major learning from this experience was the significant impact of multilingual content in enhancing audience engagement. While we understood the importance of catering to our multilingual community, the substantial surge in traffic for our Spanish content underlined just how crucial this need was, far exceeding our initial estimations. This reinforced our commitment to continue providing accessible health information to diverse populations. 
    Contact: Joey Garcia