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    Summer 2023 Brigham Magazine: Care for Every Body — Embracing Inclusive Medicine

    Brigham and Women’s Hospital 
    Print and Digital Publishing: Single or Special Issue 

    The summer 2023 issue of Brigham magazine, entitled “Care for Every Body: Embracing Inclusive Medicine,” shares stories of Brigham’s work to advance inclusive medicine and health care, highlighting our commitments to care, research, education, and training that remedy health disparities based on sex and gender. 
    What was the most impactful part of your entry? 
    This is the first time our magazine, and possibly any of our development publications, has focused on our more than 50-year legacy of leadership in abortion and family planning, as well as the work of our fairly new Center for Transgender Health. The amount of institutional pride expressed in the gratitude for this publication — from donors, patients, faculty and staff, trainees, other colleagues, family, and friends — has demonstrated the extraordinary impact of this publication. 
    What challenge did you overcome? 
    As the level of national vitriol continued to rise around abortion and transgender and nonbinary health care, and with Boston Children’s Hospital having received bomb threats because of their transgender health programs for children, our leadership team had a lot of concerns about the safety of people quoted or pictured in Brigham magazine. Our departmental leadership decided we should submit all stories for review by the hospital president before we started the design phase. This unprecedented step made us wonder if we should tone down or completely change our story approaches. Ultimately, we submitted everything to the president’s office as initially written. The president replied that everything looked great and that he couldn’t wait to see the final publication. 
    Contact: Joy Howard