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    The “BUNDLE OF HERS” Podcast

    University of Utah Health 
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives 

    From University of Utah Health and The Scope Presents, “BUNDLE OF HERS” is a podcast dedicated to celebrating diversity, amplifying underrepresented stories and voices, and offering an inclusive space for discussions about experiences in medicine — both the successes and the struggles. Hosted by a diverse community of medical residents and students, episodes center on embracing identity, learning to navigate the complex world of medicine, and contributing to a more inclusive medical community. Through honest and thought-provoking discussions, “BUNDLE OF HERS” delves into what it means to be a medical professional from a diverse background.  
    With personal narratives intertwining with professional experiences, each episode of “BUNDLE OF HERS” offers unique insights that foster understanding and empathy among listeners. Encouraging active participation, listeners are invited to engage through social media. By spotlighting and uplifting diverse voices, “BUNDLE OF HERS” welcomes everyone to join, cultivating a sense of unity in the medical community and beyond. These powerful stories strive to promote a more inclusive and compassionate future in health care, benefiting both the caregivers and those receiving care. 
    What was the most impactful part of your entry? 
    “BUNDLE OF HERS” celebrates diverse identities within the medical community. The podcast curates a wide array of personal narratives and shares thoughtful discussions led by a cohort of six medical residents and students, alongside numerous featured guests. These voices, drawn from various backgrounds, explore how their unique identities help shape the challenges encountered in medical education and practice. Beyond sharing this collection of stories, “BUNDLE OF HERS” embodies a collaborative and supportive community. Rooted in a shared passion for medicine, it is committed to championing equity, fostering inclusion, and promoting diverse representation within the field.
    What is one thing you learned from your entry/experience? 
    Stories have the power to shape conversations, inspire change, and influence how we view the world around us. Stories can also foster healing. The stories shared on “BUNDLE OF HERS” serve as vital tools for advocacy, allowing individuals to speak up for themselves and for those who lack the resources, platform, or privilege to make their voices heard. Creating a diverse, inclusive environment is a priority. 
    Contact: Chloé Nguyen