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    Pulse Check: Medical Education Three Years After COVID

    When COVID shut down our in-person teaching and learning operations, institutions, along with the faculty, staff, and learners pivoted to virtual experiences and shattered some myths and gathered innovations along the way. Although COVID is still very much with us, we have learned important lessons about teaching and learning at our institutions. What are those lessons? What innovations can we keep? What previous assumptions were either proven true or disproven? What opportunities and challenges are we facing with the current state of medical education three years out from the start of the pandemic?

    In this AAMC three-part community call series focused on learning through looking back at the last three years, the following areas will be covered: (1) student engagement; (2) faculty and staff engagement; and (3) institutional operations. For each webinar, panelists representing different key perspectives on a topic (e.g., students, faculty, staff) will have an active discussion in a facilitated sharing session where some of the questions for panelists will be posted in advance of the webinar to provide attendees with a glimpse of what will be discussed on the call. Participants will also have the opportunity ask questions during the call. 

    To complement this virtual series, there will be an opportunity for participants to further engage on these topics in the AAMC IT Virtual Community where there will be follow-up communications to participants that will advance and build upon the conversations on the calls.


    ● To get a community view of the state of medical education three years out from the
    start of COVID
    ● To share best practices, innovations, and learning from being virtual and returning to
    in-person teaching and learning
    ● To determine any gaps and opportunities for resources that could support our
    community during this time of transition and change

    Previous Events

    Medical Education Three Years After COVID: Student Engagement Webinar
    November 28, 2023

    Access Recording Here

    When COVID-19 shut down in-person teaching and learning operations, medical schools, along with their faculty, staff, and learners, pivoted to virtual experiences for preclinical students, shattering myths about online learning and innovating along the way. Through this process, we all learned important lessons about teaching and learning in both virtual and in-person environments.

    Even though most schools have now returned to in-person learning, anecdotal feedback and metrics, like usage data for online resources, seem to indicate that medical student attendance and engagement in the preclinical curriculum looks different today than it did before the shift to virtual learning at the start of COVID. In this session, we’ll explore student engagement, what it looks like now 3 years post COVID, and opportunities to better engage learners.

    Kate Anderson
    MD Candidate
    University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson

    Michael Campion, MEd
    Director of Academic and Learning Technologies
    University of Washington School of Medicine

    Janet Corral, PhD
    Associate Dean, Office of Medical Education
    Professor, Internal Medicine
    University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine

    Tara Cunningham, EdD, MS
    Senior Associate Dean, Student Affairs
    Associate Professor, Medical Education
    Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

    Joe Geraghty, MD, PhD
    Resident, Neurology
    Penn Medicine

    Alexander Philips
    MD Candidate
    Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

    Upcoming Events

    The next two events in this series will be announced here soon.