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    GIR Webinar: Managing and Leading Remote Teams

    While teleworking and managing distributed or remote teams is not a new concept, it was often limited in scope and acceptability. Now that much of our workforce has been forced to telework – some gladly, some reluctantly – we need to think differently about how we manage and lead our teams. This is likely not a temporary situation and one that will have lasting repercussions on the impact of our entire work environment. As a leader in your organization, how can you be better equipped to manage and lead your remote team? What do you need to consider with respect to people, process and technology? Sponsored by the Group on Information Resources (GIR), this webinar seeks to offer tips, tools and practice ideas to lead your distributed teams.   

    Aaron Kraus, Owner @ akSES LLC

    Aaron is an InfoSec and compliance leader with 15 years of experience in the fields of security, compliance, and teaching across government, healthcare, and tech startups. His leadership experience includes managing teams to execute global InfoSec audits, building a team that spanned 10 timezones from Alaska to Slovenia, and being a full-time remote executive for more than five years.

    Presentation Slides (PDF)