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    2024 GIR Community Celebration

    This year’s GIR Community Celebration kicked off with insights and perspectives from Alison Whelan, MD, Chief Academic Officer of the Association of American Medical Colleges. She discussed the hot topics and challenges facing the academic medicine community today with a focus on burning issues for the IT community, such as AI and the ever evolving nature of data’s role in academic medicine.

    Following this discussion, GIR Steering Committee Chair Michael Campion, MEd, Director of Academic and Learning Technologies at the University of Washington School of Medicine, shared this year’s GIR Roadmap, outlining the priorities and direction of the GIR during this term; provided highlights from the year including the IT Conference, GIR awards, webinars hosted by GIR work groups, and more; and concluded with the exciting events and opportunities coming up, such as the 2024 IT Conference in New Orleans and the opportunity to nominate colleagues for the GIR Awards.


    2024 GIR Community Celebration Presentation Slides