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    AAMC Group on Education Affairs (GEA) Chair-Elect Nominations

    Term of Service, Characteristics, Skills and and Responsibilities And Nomination Form

    Term of Service: 5-year commitment

    • Chair-elect (1 year – Nov 2023 – Nov 2024)
    • Chair (2 years – Nov 2024 – 2026)
    • Past-chair (2 years – Nov 2026 – 2028)

    Terms officially begin and end during Learn Serve Lead: The AAMC Annual Meeting in November.

    Eligibility: Any member of the GEA may be nominated or may self-nominate for Chair-elect.

    To nominate, please fill out the Chair-elect nomination form and submit your brief CV and/or bio via email to gea@aamc.org no later than 11:59 pm PT on September 21st, 2023.

    Candidate Characteristics:

    • Be actively involved in GEA, served on committees of either region, section, or national
    • experience with and understanding of the larger GEA organization
    • Manage people and maintain a positive outlook; exhibits ability to stay the course
    • Awareness of the similarities, differences, and transition points along the continuum of medical education
    • Have experience with change management
    • Takes Initiative, is proactive
    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
    • Willingness of candidate to commit to chair tasks and responsibilities (outlined below)
    • Must hold a position with an AAMC Member institution (medical school, teaching hospital, and/or academic society)


    • Representation of GEA as necessary (e.g., collaborating with other groups, external organizations)
    • Responsibility for nomination process as past chair
    • Advocate for and represent the GEA at Learn Serve Lead: The AAMC Annual Meeting
    • Work with AAMC staff in planning GEA steering committee calls and meetings
    • Facilitate/Co-facilitate phone calls with chairs (incoming, current, past) and AAMC staff
    • Lead committee in prioritizing activities
    • With AAMC Staff, ensure GEA activities and priorities are aligned with AAMC priorities
    • Provide regular updates to the community via newsletter

    Major Time Commitments:

    • Attend up to two in-person steering committee meetings (November at LSL, May/June).  Meetings may be conducted virtually in lieu of in-person depending on a variety of factors.
    • Attend monthly hour-long steering committee phone calls
    • Attend monthly hour-long chair’s calls (inclusive of Chair-elect, Chair, Past-chair, and AAMC Staff)
    • Periodic attendance of hour-long region and section committee calls

    Responsibilities Requiring Institutional Support

    • Attend Learn Serve Lead: The AAMC Annual Meeting
    • Attend regional spring meeting – either own regional spring meeting or another region’s spring meeting

    Deadline: Nominations must be submitted via email to gea@aamc.org  no later than 11:59 pm PST on 21st of September 2023.