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    2020 GBA/GIP Virtual Programming: Going from Funds Flow Model to Hard Wiring Through Financial & Budget Management Systems Webinar - July 24

    The fiscal constraints related to a funds flow model drive a critical need for financial and budget management systems and tools that allow for appropriate hard wiring of fiscal management. Over the last two years, the Emory School of Medicine (ESOM) Fiscal Affairs team has worked to implement technology solutions that allow for improvements in budgeting, forecasting, compensation planning, and reporting. This has allowed for a higher level of on-going, real-time data analytics too and enabled oversight and adherence to the principles of ESOM Financial Strategic Alignment. During this session, the presenters provided previews of the tools and insights into how the tools have enabled the ESOM to improve financial funds management and strategic decision making.

    Learning Objectives:
    1. Understand the approach to developing a roadmap for prioritizing improvement initiatives.
    2. Develop key reports and approaches to improve budgeting, forecasting, reporting and compensation planning.
    3. Collaborate across many audiences to identify needs, develop solutions, and work through continuous process improvement and on-going roadmap development. 

    Beth Boatwright, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, Emory University School of Medicine
    Heather Hamby, MPH, Executive Associate Dean, School of Medicine; CBO, School of Medicine & Physician Group Practice; Assoc. VP, Health Center Integration, Woodruff HSC, Emory University School of Medicine
    Robb Merritt, BS, Controller, Emory University School of Medicine
    Ann Uher, BS, Director, Accounting & Analytics, Emory University School of Medicine

    Presentation slides (PDF)