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    Reproductive Health Care and Education

    Key Information and Resources for Academic Medicine Clinicians and Educators in Responding to Reproductive Health Care and Access Restrictions and Related Educational Challenges

    The ramifications of the Supreme Court’s decision in overturning Roe v. Wade permeate through many facets of reproductive health patient care, and education and training across the breadth of specialties.

    Changing and variable state laws legislating care available to patients who are pregnant or may be pregnant has created uncertainty in what reproductive health care education can still be offered to trainees without creating potential legal and regulatory exposure for all involved.

    Medical educators still need to ensure that learners are trained in high quality and evidence-based reproductive health standards of care that meet educational requirements and includes patient counseling on reproductive therapeutic options, general family planning, miscarriage management, abortion care, and the impact of other treatments that may have abortifacient properties.

    The information, resources, and links aggregated below are intended to support educational activities related to reproductive health care education and patient care. Many of these resources address education directly, while others are offered as supplemental resources to provide context and data in considering accreditation requirements, legislative developments, and regulatory changes. In addition to the AAMC, contributions come from the published literature, accreditation bodies, specialty societies, non-profit advocacy entities, government data sources, and AAMC constituents.

    Educational Resources

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    AAMC Data, Webinars & Toolkits

    Reproductive Health in a Post-Dobbs World Matters to All of Us - Five Part Webinar Series

    A recent webinar series that provides medical institutions, faculty, and trainees with strategies to ensure patients are equipped to make reproductive health decisions. Access registration and recordings here.

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