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    GIR Mentorship Circle Program

    Applications are now open!

    The Group on Information Resources (GIR) Mentorship Circle Program serves to connect GIR members interested in receiving or providing professional and/or leadership development via Mentorship Circles, where mentors will help to support mentees in both their careers and their GIR experience.* During this nine-month-long program, participants will be connected with valuable professional development resources, and also garner advice and share best practices within their Mentorship Circle. By engaging in this unique networking opportunity, mentors and mentees alike will build meaningful professional connections across the GIR community that can continue to serve them well beyond the program’s nine-month commitment.

    Being a mentor is a great way to develop coaching and leadership skills.

    Apply to be a mentor

    One of the benefits of being a mentee in the program includes expanding your professional network.

    Apply to be a mentee

    Submission Deadline: July 9, 2024

    Join us for the GIR Mentorship Circle Program Open House on Thursday, June 27, at 12-1 p.m. ET, to learn more about this new and exciting opportunity!

    *Please note that you must be a GIR member to participate in the GIR Mentorship Circle Program. For questions, please contact gir@aamc.org.

    The GIR mentorship circle roadmap (PDF) provides a detailed overview of the program.