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Forum on Conflict of Interest in Academe (FOCI Academe)

The Forum on Conflict of Interest in Academe provides a forum for the leadership in the biomedical arena who oversee and manage conflicts of interest to promote the highest ethical and professional standards in the conduct of their institutions as they carry out their missions of patient care, research, education, business, and service.

FOCI members are appointed or can request to join the group. 


This is a virtual event
March 15, 2023 - March 16, 2023
JW Marriott Parq Vancouver, Vancouver, Canada
April 26, 2023 - April 28, 2023
Conflict of Interest

Learn more about the AAMC Conflicts of Interest (COI) Metrics Project.

Medical Research

Learn more about conflicts of interest and their impact on academic medicine.

Guide to FOCI Academe

FOCI Academe offers educational opportunities related to conflict of interest issues; provides a national forum for discussion of the development and application of conflict of interest standards related to research, medical education, and clinical decision-making; and serves as a resource for institutions, policymakers, the media, and the public. 

To promote and advance ethical standards in universities and their academic affiliates related to individual and institutional conflicts arising from external financial and fiduciary interests.

Membership currently consists of over 600 individual representatives from over 200 institutions and organizations. Representatives are self-appointed or appointed by an official of the institution's COI or research office. FOCI membership includes representation from universities, academic health centers, medical schools, teaching hospitals and other hospitals that have substantive research programs, and research institutes. Institutions may have more than one representative.

Current representatives include senior institutional officials who are accountable for conflict of interest oversight (e.g., institutional vice president, associate dean for research or research administration, vice president, dean, or associate dean); directors and staff of conflict of interest offices; chairs and members of conflict of interest committees; compliance officers; CME officials; chief medical officers; and members of offices of general counsel.

FOCI Academe welcomes individuals with authority over or an interest in conflict of interest issues from AAMC-member institutions. 

Request to become a member of FOCI Academe

Only members of the listserv are able to post messages.

To post a message to the listserv: Send an email to fociacademe@lists.aamc.org.

FOCI Academe members have the opportunity to share document templates that their institutions use in the course of implementing COI policy. Members can also list documents on this web site that they will make available to other FOCI Academe members upon request. FOCI members are encouraged to participate in this peer-to-peer activity. 

Documents are available on: 

  • COI Innovations (innovative strategies, processes, or procedures used in FOCI member institutions) (Sign In Required); and 

  • Sunshine Rule Communications (templates used to communicate the aspects of the rule) (Sign In Required).  

If you have a document that you would like to share with FOCI members upon request, contact FOCI Academe. Document templates for COI management plans will be available soon. Access is limited to FOCI members only. 

Official governance and administration information (PDF) for members of the FOCI Academe. 

Meet the leaders of the Forum on Conflict of Interest in Academe and learn about governing bodies such as boards, committees, task forces, and working groups.

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