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    Hospital-Specific Impact Reports for Medicare's IPPS Proposed and Final Rules

    This report, generated uniquely for each AAMC-member institution, estimates hospital-specific Medicare inpatient revenue paid under the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) for the upcoming fiscal year to reflect rate updates and policy changes proposed and/or finalized during the annual regulatory process.

    The hospital-specific reports are prepared for each AAMC member twice annually: first in late May following the release of the IPPS proposed rule, and again in August after publication of the final rule.

    AAMC members can use this report to:

    • Estimate budget impacts for the upcoming fiscal year.
    • Track add-on payments, quality pay-for-performance programs, and other payment factors.
    • Validate and match your hospital’s own impacts estimates.
    • Input data to model overall reimbursement and per-case rates.

    Access the “Navigating Your IPPS Impact Report” video for further assistance. For more information about this report, contact AHSData@aamc.org.