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    Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Office News and Past Events

    Health Leadership Forum

    Nov. 3-4, 2022: TecSalud held the eighth edition of the International Health Leadership Forum (FILS) 2022, on Nov. 3-4, 2022, in Mexico City, Mexico. In collaboration with AAHCI, this forum contributed to the strengthening of the health ecosystem in Mexico and the world, proposing actions that raise the quality of services and medical infrastructure in favor of patients.

    According to Jorge Valdez, MD, PhD, dean of TecSalud and AAHCI LAC Regional Ambassador, holding this type of space for exchanging ideas becomes more relevant in the post-pandemic scenario. “In FILS, diverse points of view converge between leaders of public and private sector institutions who present the greatest advances in the field of research, public policies, education, and health care,” said Valdez. "Only with a comprehensive vision that allows us to listen to different opinions, we will be able to find the best way to face challenges and propose concrete solutions." Access a summary article (in Spanish) here.

    AAHCI Announces Transition of Latin American and the Caribbean Regional Office 

    July 6, 2022: AAHCI announced the transition of the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) Regional Office from the University of São Paulo Faculty of Medicine in Brazil to TecSalud, Tecnológico de Monterrey  in Mexico.

    AAHCI Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Regional Meeting 

    Toward a Post-Pandemic World: Harnessing Lessons from COVID-19 

    June 22-23, 2022: AAHCI Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Regional Office host Faculty of Medicine - University of São Paulo co-hosted this in-person meeting to provide members in the region and beyond an opportunity to engage in reflective and forward-thinking sessions addressing the broad impact of the pandemic on academic health centers, health, and society. The meeting brought together academic health center leaders at a critical time to share their perspectives and experiences. If interested in downloading the meeting presentations, please contact aahci@aamc.org.  

    AAHCI LAC Regional Office Newsletter on Mental Health 

    Jan. 20, 2022: This edition of the AAHCI LAC Regional Office newsletter shares how academic health centers in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico are managing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health.  Access their contributions to the AAHCI cross-regional theme of Mental Health during Times of COVID-19 here (PDF)

    AAHCI LAC Regional Office Launches ASLI 

    May 6, 2021: The AAHCI Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Regional Office announced the first call for proposals on Virtual Medical Education in the LAC region in November 2020. In early 2021, the ASLI-LAC Review Committee evaluated submissions from participating institutions. 

    The finalists for the AAHCI Student Leadership Initiative (ASLI) gave thoughtful and well-received presentations at the 2021 Global Innovation Forum (GIF) on their approaches to Innovations in Virtual Medical Education. Students from TecSalud Monterrey, Universidad de la Sabana, and the University of São Paulo received top reviews and were selected to present their ideas at the GIF. A compendium of all abstracts submitted from participating institutions is available on the ASLI webpage

    AAHCI LAC Regional Office’s Inaugural Newsletter on COVID-19 

    June 22, 2020: In this inaugural issue, AAHCI-LAC shares how members in the region have responded to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Unique perspectives were shared from five members, such as clinical and laboratory experience in Brazil, Colombia’s adopted policy of preventive isolation and prioritized human resources over economic resources, TecSalud’s approach of empowering communities struggling with the propagation and treatment of COVID-19 in Mexico, and University of São Paulo’s photography contest for medical students. Access the issue here (PDF).

    “The Role of Academic Health Centers in Transformative Medical Education” 

    August 2019: Access this informative piece by Jose Otavio Costa Auler Jr., MD (PDF).