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    Alliance and AAHCI Spotlight on Academic Health Center Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

    Around the World, Innovating 24/7

    Every day, academic health centers care for people with the most complex diseases, envision new treatments and cures, develop approaches to prevention and prediction, and educate the next generation of health care professionals, including leaders in public health. This work is critical on the front lines of a pandemic.

    Vaccine Research (PDF)

    Antibody Testing (PDF)

    Academic Health Centers Around the World Respond to COVID-19 

    As COVID-19 continues to impact communities worldwide, academic health centers remain at the forefront as command centers that respond to extraordinary demands to deliver vital health care, develop rapid solutions, sustain the health professions, and meet the needs of both local and national populations.

    Download the slides:

    Slide 1: University of Utah, Vanderbilt University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (PDF)

    Slide 2: Universidad de Antioquia, Maastricht University, National University of Singapore, The University of New South Wales (PDF)

    Slide 3: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of South Carolina, Yale University (PDF)

    Slide 4: University of British Columbia, American University of Beirut Medical Center, Universitas Airlangga, Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners (PDF)

    Slide 5: University of Southern California, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Augusta University, SUNY Upstate (PDF)

    Slide 6: TecSalud, Technologico de Monterrey, University Medical Center Gottingen, Kenyatta University School of Medicine, University of Malaya Faculty of Medicine (PDF)

    Slide 7: University of California, San Francisco, University of Iowa, University of Virginia, Temple University (PDF)

    Slide 8: University of São Paulo Medical School, University of Nicosia, Sidra Medicine, Peking University Health Science Center (PDF)

    Slide 9: Midwestern University, Emory University, Mercer University, Medical University of South Carolina (PDF)

    Slide 10: Universidad del Rosario, Semmelweis University, Gulf Medical University - Thumbay University Hospital, Seoul National University College of Medicine (PDF)

    Slide 11: University of Arizona, University of Minnesota, University of Mississippi, University of Pennsylvania (PDF)

    Slide 12: University of Illinois at Chicago, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Morehouse School of Medicine, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (PDF)