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    Alliance and AAHCI Presentations, Recordings, and Additional Resources

    Meeting Presentations

    Members can contact us to request copies of meeting presentations at amcintoshpeters@aamc.org.

    Online Programs/AAHCI CONNECT

    Southeast Asia Regional Office Roundtable

    “Where is Interprofessional Education Leading Your Organization? New Trends and Challenges”

    June 2023: The AAHCI Southeast Asia (SEA) Regional Office host, Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, and University of Malaya co-hosted a virtual roundtable focused on new trends in interprofessional education (IPE). The roundtable discussion explored the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in IPE at academic health centers in the SEA region and beyond. Experts from various regions shared their perspectives on IPE implementation and strategies for overcoming barriers and building collaborations. The discussion also touched on how IPE can impact health care outcomes and catalyze new trends in patient care.

    Middle East and North Africa Regional Office Roundtable

    “The Drivers for Evolution of Medical Education”

    October 2023: AAHCI members in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) gathered with regional and international colleagues to discuss academic health center medical education. The AAHCI MENA Regional Office host, Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences, co-hosted this virtual roundtable. Experts shared perspectives on conflict, technology, interprofessional education, and innovations in medical education.

    AAHCI European Webinar

    “Innovations in Health Care Technologies: AI, Telemedicine, and Consumer Wearables”
    March 2023: AAHCI European Regional Office host, the University of Zurich Faculty of Medicine, co-hosted a webinar focused on Innovations in Health Care Technologies: AI, Telemedicine, and Consumer Wearables. AAHCI Regional Ambassador, Luciano Saso, PhD, professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine at the Sapienza University of Rome, gave introductory remarks. AAHCI Regional Ambassador, Frank Rühli, DrMed, PhD, dean of University of Zurich Faculty of Medicine, facilitated this webinar. 

    AAHCI European Webinar

    “Adopting Best Practices in Personalized Medicine Research”
    December 2022: AAHCI European Regional Office host, the University of Zurich Faculty of Medicine, co-hosted a webinar, “The PERMIT Recommendations: Adopting Best Practices in Personalized Medicine Research.” The webinar focused on new and innovative trends in health care technologies, with insights on how patents can be used to protect health care technology and on the challenges of the patent-granting process. Innovations, strategies, and best practices will be shared with the wider audience.

    AAHCI SEA Webinar

    “Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines”
    April 2022: AAHCI’s Southeast Asia Regional Office host, Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine, held a webinar in April 2022 on Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines. This event brought together expert leaders in the region, with guest speakers from China and Lebanon, to share experiences and lessons learned, as well as discuss new vaccine developments.

    AAHCI MENA Webinar

    “Delivery of Health Services in Fragile and Conflict-Ridden Settings”
    February 2022: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a diverse part of the world with a wide range of and continuously shifting socioeconomic and geopolitical complexities. At the same time, many countries in the MENA region are conflict-ridden and the region has been frequently characterized as an epicenter for fragility and humanitarian crises. 

    AAHCI Webinar Series — Innovation in Health Professions Education:

    AAHCI MENA Webinar

    “Psychiatry Grapples with the COVID-19 Crisis”
    October 2021: The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for the field of psychiatry, subjecting the general public — and health care workers in particular — to elevated levels of stress and trauma while disrupting established modalities for therapeutic intervention. View the October 2021 webinar and the presentation (PDF).

    AAHCI Eastern Africa Webinar

    “Diagnostic, Management, and Preventive Measures of COVID-19”
    May 2021: The AAHCI Eastern Africa Regional office host, The Aga Khan University Medical College East Africa, held this event on “Diagnostic, Management, and Preventive Measures of COVID-19,” which shared unique experiences from members in the region. This May 2021 webinar focused on how the fragile health care systems in Eastern Africa have been saturated for over one year since the first cases of COVID-19.

    World Health Summit/M8 Alliance Joint AAHCI Webinar

    “Migrant Health Issues in Massive Migration Areas in the Covid Period”
    February 2021: In collaboration with the World Health Summit and as a member of the M8 Alliance, AAHCI took part in a joint webinar that was part of the February 2021 M8 Alliance Webinar Series on Migrant and Refugee Health, bringing together experts from across the M8 Alliance. This discussion joined global speakers, including AAHCI members, to share their input on the impact of COVID-19 and migrant health.

    AAHCI SEA Webinar

    “Understanding the Roles of the Academic Health Centers and Systems”
    February 2021: AAHCI, in collaboration with Southeast Asia (SEA) regional office host Universitas Indonesia, Faculty of Medicine, co-hosted this webinar in February 2021 to provide an overview on academic health centers and systems and a discussion on strengthening collaboration within the center/system. This program included insights from AAHCI members on the role of the academic health center/system and challenges.

    AAHCI MENA Webinar

    “The Current State of COVID-19 Vaccines”
    December 2020: This webinar provided a deeper understanding of the current state of the COVID-19 vaccines and discussed the latest developments and challenges in the race to develop an effective and safe vaccine for COVID-19. Abdul Rahman Bizri, MD, MSc, chair of the National COVID-19 Vaccine Committee in Lebanon, shared insightful information from both the context of Lebanon and on a global scale.

    AAHCI LAC Webinar

    “Impact of Research During COVID-19”
    September 2020: AAHCI LAC Regional Office host University of São Paulo organized a webinar on the “Impact of Research during COVID-19.” Research and development are core functions of academic health centers, and as the world is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions have had to reprogram — or event shut down — many “non-essential” research projects in favor of work on the novel coronavirus. 

    AAHCI MENA Webinar

    “Online Teaching and Faculty Development”
    August 2020: On the topic of “Online Teaching and Faculty Development” during COVID-19, this webinar addressed how many instructors and institutions have shifted to deliver their courses online and the need for quality online instruction. 

    Regional Office Publications

    ASLI Compendiums

    The AAHCI Student Leadership Initiative (ASLI) invites students of academic health centers to submit proposals sharing new ideas or innovative programs tackling key topics in health professions education.