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    AIM Program

    AIM and AIM Connect

    The AIM Program respects the diversity and cultural heterogeneity of member institutions around the world. AIM is not a “one size fits all” program.

    The AIM Program is a voluntary opportunity for organizations to:

    1. Set and meet strategic goals.
    2. Measure organizational alignment.
    3. Benchmark success in achieving Steps 1 and 2 above.

    The yearlong program is designed to support continuous activity in organizational development and alignment. Options are available for those institutions that wish to continue engagement upon completion of the one-year program, including virtual options through AIM CONNECT.

    How the Program Works

    Each participating institution commits to implementing a self-defined plan for improved organizational performance, with the goal of achieving an optimally aligned academic health center among its missions of education, research, and patient care.

    The program consists of three phases:

    • Phase I: Program tool for internal assessment and goal setting.
    • Phase II: Peer consultant review period.
    • Phase III: Peer consultant recommendations and strategic improvement planning period.

    Core Components

    The AIM Program focuses on the core components of academic health center organizational performance:

    AIM Program Costs

    AIM Program participants pay:

    • Program Fee - $8,000 USD (institutions residing in low- or middle-income countries as defined by the World Bank are eligible for a discounted program fee). 
    • Consultant Fees - $4,000 USD per consultant, plus travel expenses. (Travel expenses are inclusive of all transportation, airfare, hotel, and food. Consultants work in teams comprised of regionally and internationally based experts. Please note travel expenses vary due to the wide range of institution and consultant locations.)

    Interested in Participating?

    AAHCI is currently accepting applications for the AIM Program. If you are interested in participating in the program or have questions, please email aahci@aamc.org.

    Contact us for more information.