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    Academic Health Centers Critical To COVID-19 Response

    Archived Press Release

    WASHINGTON, DC, May 28, 2020– Academic health centers are critical on the frontlines of responding to the coronavirus pandemic. “The Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) is proud to highlight the work of these dedicated teams and individuals and their extraordinary actions. Every day, these institutions are responding with outstanding innovations and state-of-the-science healthcare on a fast-paced level to meet the challenges of this pandemic,” said AAHC President and CEO, Dr. Steven L. Kanter.

    Academic health centers are deeply imbedded in their communities. They provide tertiary and quaternary healthcare services, specialize in the most complex and difficult diagnoses and treatments, serve as safety-net providers, and educate the next generation of health professionals. Their research leads to advances in understanding and treatment of diseases.

    As COVID-19 spreads, impacting communities worldwide, academic health centers remain at the forefront as command centers. “From vaccine research and development, to delivering care and treatment, to providing extensive community outreach, these institutions meet the needs of both local and national populations,” said Kanter.

    AAHC is a nonprofit association dedicated to advancing health and well-being through values-based leadership of academic health centers.