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    About Leadership Resources and Publications

    Academic health centers have a fundamental and unique value — the ability to harness the power at the nexus of research, education, and health care in service to the human condition.

    The Alliance and AAHCI are the global thought leaders on issues impacting academic health centers and their mission. Inspirational leadership and effective management of academic health centers are the central concerns of the Alliance and AAHCI. Leadership programs, resources, and publications are designed to increase the capacity of academic health center leaders to advance health and well-being locally and globally.

    Leadership Perspectives Series

    Three serial publications that feature commentaries by academic health center key leaders, as well as external policymakers, offering thought leadership on the foremost issues and challenges impacting their institutions in a peer-to-peer format: AAHCI Leadership Perspectives, Leadership Perspectives, and Leadership Perspectives International.

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    AAHCI Leadership Initiative

    The AAHCI Leadership Initiative (ALI) assists academic health center and system leaders to help facilitate cross-border learning and networking, promote collaboration, and share best practices. ALI is designed to enable leaders from institutions in lower- and middle-income countries to join AAHCI.

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    AAHCI Student Leadership Initiative

    The AAHCI Student Leadership Initiative (ASLI) provides a special opportunity for students in the health professions to highlight their leadership. This initiative invites health professions students to share innovative ideas on supporting the new norms of education programming and training as it shifts more to virtual platforms. 

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    Management and Leadership 

    Serial publications, reports, analyses, and books are available to Alliance and AAHCI members, providing insights on leadership challenges and strategic management issues at academic health centers. Topics addressed include: the tripartite mission; the transforming health care landscape; social determinants of health; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and cutting-edge issues.

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    Presentations, Recordings, and Additional Resources

    The Alliance, AAHCI, and members work together to enable leaders of academic health centers and systems to share information on and build insights into best practices, focused on the latest issues and trends impacting academic health centers. Member meeting presentations, online programs, and publications address these important topics.

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    Archived Resources 

    Find past initiatives, press releases, and historical materials here.

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