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    2021 AAHC President's Council on Health Security


    Convened in 2021, the AAHC President’s Council* on Health Security focused on critical and timely issues, including delineating the leadership role of the academic health center in health security, determining what measures should be used to track the progress of an academic health center in pursuing health security, defining the role of a chief health security officer, and making recommendations to relevant national and international bodies regarding policy and funding initiatives to advance health security goals.

    The members of the council met via various forums throughout the year to examine health security at academic health centers and to develop resources that may include:

    • A resource for members that describes how an academic health center can be ready for, respond to, and recover from health security incidents.
    • Recommendations to relevant national and international bodies regarding policy and funding initiatives.
    • An interactive and engaging session for members at the AAHC annual meeting.
    • A collection of relevant key readings. 
    • Other materials as deemed important by the council. 

    *Prior to the Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC)--AAMC merger in 2022, the councils were known as the AAHC President’s Councils.

    Council Members

    Carrie Byington, MD 
    Executive Vice President
    University of California Health

    Lukoye Atwoli, MBChB, Mmed Psych, PhD
    Dean, Aga Khan University Medical College, East Africa
    Aga Khan University

    Kevin Black, MD
    Interim Dean, Penn State College of Medicine
    Vice Dean, Penn State Hershey University Park Regional Medical Campus
    Pennsylvania State University

    Nancy Brown, MD
    Dean, Yale School of Medicine
    Yale University

    Michael Dake, MD
    Senior Vice President for Health Sciences
    The University of Arizona Health Sciences Center

    Karen Fisher, JD
    Chief Public Policy Officer
    Association of American Medical Colleges

    Jeffrey Gold, MD
    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Paul Klotman, MD
    President and CEO
    Baylor College of Medicine

    Heyo Kroemer, PhD
    Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin

    Jonna Mazet, DVM, MPVM, PhD
    Professor of Epidemiology and Disease Ecology
    School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis
    Director, USAID One Health Workforce - Next Generation 

    Hugh Mighty, MD, MBA
    Dean, Howard University College of Medicine
    Vice President of Clinical Affairs
    Howard University

    Ivy Ng, MBBS, MMed (Paed), FRCPCH
    Group CEO
    Singapore Health Services

    Janis Orlowski, MD, MACP
    Chief Medical Officer
    Association of American Medical Colleges

    Robert Simari, MD
    Executive Vice Chancellor
    University of Kansas Medical Center

    Daniel Wilson, MD, PhD
    Western University of Health Sciences

    Steven Kanter, MD
    Ex Officio Member
    President and CEO
    Association of Academic Health Centers/International

    Lauren Maggio, PhD
    Ex Officio Member
    Programs Scholar


    Health Security Resources

    “Cybersecurity at Academic Health Centers: Key Considerations for CEOs and C-Suite Leaders” (PDF)

    “Health Security at Academic Health Centers: Selected Readings” (PDF)

    “Chief Health Security Officer: Duties and Qualifications” (PDF)