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  • Washington Highlights

    NIH Releases Strategic Plan

    Anurupa Dev, Director, Science Policy & Strategy

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Dec. 16 released the “NIH-Wide Strategic Plan, Fiscal Years 2016-2020: Turning Discovery Into Health.”

    The plan, a legislative mandate in the fiscal year 2015 spending package [see Washington Highlights, Dec., 14, 2014], focuses on four objectives:

    • advancing opportunities in biomedical research;
    • fostering innovation through NIH priority-setting;
    • enhancing scientific stewardship; and
    • developing the “science of science” to excel as a federal science agency.

    Many of the issues addressed in the plan are long-running areas of focus for the AAMC, including the reduction of administrative burden, the promotion of rigor and reproducibility, and the analysis of workforce size and diversity. The AAMC submitted comments Aug. 15 to NIH in support of a draft framework of the plan [see Washington Highlights, Sept. 3].