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  • Washington Highlights

    House Republicans Urge Increase in NIH Funding

    Tannaz Rasouli, Sr. Director, Public Policy & Strategic Outreach

    More than 100 House Republicans signed a Nov. 20 letter calling for a minimum of $3 billion in new spending for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in fiscal year (FY) 2016, which would bring total NIH spending to $33.084 billion.

    The letter, organized by Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.) states, “Funding for federal research is critical to save American lives and to bend the cost curve of our federal health care expenditures… [I]f we are going to increase domestic spending, we believe funding research to cure and prevent the diseases Americans face is a critical priority that should be at or near the top of our list.”

    The letter also notes the overwhelming bipartisan support for the 21st Century Cures Act (H.R. 6), which the House passed (344-77) on July 10 [see Washington Highlights, July 10].