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  • Washington Highlights

    Health Professions Organizations Urge Full Funding for HRSA Workforce Programs

    Matthew Shick, Sr. Director, Gov't Relations & Regulatory Affairs

    The Health Professions Nursing and Education Coalition (HPNEC) sent a July 18 letter  to House and Senate Appropriations Committee leadership restating the coalition’s recommendation of $690 million for the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Title VII health professions and Title VIII nursing workforce development programs for fiscal year (FY) 2019.

    Signed by 55 national health organizations, the letter states, “As we face nationwide health professional shortages, it is crucial that we enhance the federal commitment to the programs that help the next generation of providers stay ahead of the increasing health care challenges of our country.”

    While the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill to eliminate funding for the Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP) and cut Advance Education Nursing by $8 million [see Washington Highlights, July 18], the Senate Appropriations Committee preserves funding for HRSA Titles VII and VIII programs, including a $2 million increase for Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) [see Washington Highlights, June 29]. The HPNEC groups urge the House to adopt at a minimum the Senate levels, while reiterating the need for $690 million in FY 2019.

    The full Senate is expected to take up its Labor-HHS funding bill alongside the defense appropriations bill during the August work period. No additional schedules have been set for House consideration.