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    Resources to Help You Plan Your PME

    The AAMC provides a number of resources to assist member-institutions in planning their Project Medical Education (PME) event. These resources include a planning manual, block outlines, sample agendas, and template materials and are available below for download.

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    Planning Materials

    The PME Planning Manual (PDF) lists out the steps necessary to host a successful PME event and provides tips for completing these steps. It also provides a timeline that allows PME hosts to check off steps as they are accomplished.

    To further assist institutions in planning a PME event, the AAMC, along with past PME event hosts, has devised a set of sample event agendas and a list of best practices for hosting a PME event. We have also created "Suggestions for Sharing Your PME on Social Media" to assist with promoting your PME.

    Blocks of Instruction

    The PME program consists of six blocks of instruction. Each block outline provides the key takeaway messages and topics for discussion, along with suggested interactive activities and a list of resources that can aid the discussion and be used as handouts. The block outlines are meant to serve as base suggestions. Some topics may not apply to your institution, or you may wish to cover some topics not listed. You should always tailor your program and presentations to your institution and your audience. AAMC staff can assist with this.

    Budget and Planning Worksheets

    The AAMC provides a template budget worksheet to assist hosts in determining and maintaining a budget for their PME event. We also provide a planning and logistics worksheet to allow hosts to track the logistical steps necessary in the planning of their PME.

    Customizable Metaphor Handouts and Other Template Materials

    To accompany the blocks of instruction and to extend the metaphor of participants being a medical student, resident, and researcher, the AAMC provides a set of customizable materials including sample student profiles, course financing information, match results and residency program outlines. We also provide sample invitations, a sample certificate of completion, and sample evaluation forms. A presentation template is also provided to assist with providing graphic support during your PME event.

    Congressional Gift Rules Guidance

    The AAMC has worked with industry experts to develop guidance materials for the congressional gift and ethics rules as they pertain to PME events and visits by members of Congress and congressional staff to your institutions in cases where the PME involves travel or lodging paid for by your institution. This guidance does not cover gift rules for local visits that do not involve travel or lodging. The guidance document includes forms for submission to Congress when paying for travel of Congressional members and staff. The summary table is a quick reference guide. These materials are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to constitute legal advice.  Readers of these materials should obtain their own legal counsel on to ensure that their specific program is in compliance with House and Senate ethical rules and any applicable federal and state laws.


    We are interested in your opinion and would like you to complete a brief survey after hosting your event about your experiences orchestrating PME at your institution. Your feedback is appreciated and will be used to make improvements to the resources in support of the PME event. Your participation in this evaluation is voluntary and should take about 5-10 minutes. Your identified responses will never be released. All survey data will be reported in aggregate form. In addition, comments will be de-identified and then shared with the AAMC staff who are responsible for supporting you in orchestrating PME events.

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