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AMCAS 101 Tutorial Videos

We created three videos to help you learn more about AMCAS.

These videos can help new admissions officers get acquainted with what AMCAS does, learn about important dates in the application cycle, and discover the valuable data elements that AMCAS provides to medical schools. They can also assist experienced admissions officers by serving as a useful refresher.

This video series is a preliminary offering while we complete a larger, comprehensive set of resources to support your work with AMCAS. Take a look at each of the videos in the AMCAS 101 tutorial series below.

AMCAS 101: The Basics

Learn the basics of what AMCAS does and how we can support your admissions processing work.

AMCAS 101: Application Cycle Timeline

Review important dates in the AMCAS application cycle.

AMCAS 101: Applicant Data Overview

Discover the valuable data elements that AMCAS provides to schools and how they can support your holistic review processes.

AMCAS School Tools include Admissions Processing (AP), AP Setup, Data Transmission Options, and School and National Reports.

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