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AMCAS Letter Service

AMCAS accepts Letters of Evaluation on behalf of medical schools participating in this service. AMCAS Letters enables medical schools to receive all letters electronically from AMCAS and enables letter authors to send all letters to a central location, rather than to individual schools. AMCAS accepts letters submitted via the AMCAS Letter Writer Application (free), Interfolio, U.S. Mail, and VirtualEvals (NAAHP members only).

Schools participating in the AMCAS Letters agree to:

  • Accept all Letters of Evaluation provided by AMCAS, regardless of the program to which the applicant has applied. Please ensure this solution works for all of your programs prior to signing up, as this service is provided to the school as a whole and is not available for individual programs within a school.
  • Create and maintain a web page that details your letter requirements and provide the URL of this page to AMCAS. AMCAS, in turn, will provide the URL to applicants in the AMCAS application.

Want to participate in the AMCAS Letter Service?

There is no additional cost to participate and you can notify us of your choice to participate by providing the appropriate answers in the annual Medical School Reference Data Survey, distributed in early February.

Letters can be scheduled for automatic delivery to the AAMC File Server or downloaded in batches using the Data Transfer Tab in School Tools. Individual letters may also be accessed from the Letters tab of the AP.

AMCAS School Tools include Admissions Processing (AP), AP Setup, Data Transmission Options, and School and National Reports.

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