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AMCAS Tools and Reports

AMCAS provides participating medical schools with products to assist you throughout the admissions process. Please sign in to view all content.

Public Reports from the AAMC

Unlike AMCAS Reports, which are designed to provide data during the admissions process and often contain only AMCAS-specific data, FACTS represents year-end data for both AMCAS-participating schools and those schools that do not participate in AMCAS. Visit the FACTS: Information on Applicants, Matriculants, Graduates, and Residency Applicants page to see the most recent data.

School Tools Reports

School- and National-level reports can be viewed from the Reports tab in School Tools. Reports are available on a permissions-based system that is set by your office's School Tools administrator. You may or may not see all available reports. A subset of reports available to AMCAS medical schools are also available to Non-AMCAS schools.

Sign in to School Tools to access the following reports:

ReportDate Available (of application year)
School AcceptanceSept. 1 (Multiple Accepts on Feb. 10)
National AcceptanceApril 1
Joint AcceptanceApril 1
Accept Quick Look-UpApril 1
Acceptance School Alt. ListApril 1
Admission Action (School)Sept. 1
Admission Action (National)Sept. 1
Roster of ApplicantsSept. 1
Race & Ethnicity (School)Sept. 1
Race & Ethnicity (National)Sept. 1
Non-MCAT Test TakersSept. 1

For full descriptions of the available reports, see the AMCAS School and National Reports Overview page. Download a printer-friendly version of the AMCAS School and National Reports Overview page here.