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What We Do Matters

What we do matters

Since 1876, the AAMC has offered services, products, and resources to help tomorrow’s doctors.

AAMC Learning Center

Hold your next Washington D.C., event at the AAMC Learning Center. Our staff will help you plan a memorable experience.

The Strategic Imperative: Leading Change to Improve Health

The AAMC and our members envision an affordable, safe, equitable, and high quality health care system, an educational continuum that produces the diverse workforce for today and tomorrow's health needs, and science that constantly improves care.

To achieve this vision, the AAMC and its member medical schools and teaching hospitals are committed to being part of the solution to improve the nation’s health care system and to leading the change that improves health.

The AAMC's Areas of Impact

Working within and across the missions of medical education, care delivery, research, and diversity and inclusion, the AAMC works to promote:

  • A continuum of medical education that inspires learners to serve the public, promote health, and improve care.
  • A sustainable health care system in which academic medicine plays a unique and important role.
  • New knowledge throughout the full spectrum of medical research that improves the health of all.
  • A culturally competent, diverse, and prepared health and biomedical workforce that leads to improved health and health equity.

Strategies for Impact

The AAMC's efforts are focused on four strategic portfolios:

  • Policy and Advocacy: The AAMC is the leading voice of the nation's medical schools and teaching hospitals with the public and before Congress, federal regulatory agencies, and the executive branch.
  • Learning and Leadership: The AAMC helps individuals within academic medicine grow and learn in their professional roles and develop their leadership capacities.
  • Member Capacity Building: The AAMC accelerates the capacities of medical schools and teaching hospitals to tackle their biggest challenges.
  • Services for Aspiring and Current Physicians: The AAMC plays a continuous role in the educational and career development of health professionals from their first inspiration until retirement.

Operational Strategy

To achieve impact within each of these four portfolios, the AAMC strives to be a high-performing organization. The association has four domains in which it seeks operational excellence:

  • People: The AAMC places a high priority on attracting, developing, engaging and retaining the talent needed to meet current and future organizational needs.
  • Culture: The AAMC's culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence propels its strategy and impact.
  • Finances: The AAMC sustains and enhances its financial commitments to execute its strategic portfolio and achieve its mission through effective stewardship.
  • Infrastructure: The AAMC's solid and capable infrastructure in information technology, data, facilities, and operations accelerates our ability to achieve our mission.

More About Us

The Impact of Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals

GME infographic rev 

This infographic demonstrates the unique role that the nation’s medical schools and teaching hospitals play in the health care system to improve patient care.

AAMC Awards

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At our annual meeting, the AAMC presents awards honoring people and programs making significant contributions to academic medicine.