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What We Do Matters

What we do matters

Since 1876, the AAMC has offered services, products, and resources to help tomorrow’s doctors.

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Employee Benefits

The AAMC strives to provide the most equitable and cost-effective benefits for its employees in recognition of the influence benefits have on the economic and personal welfare of each individual. The total cost to provide the benefit program described below is a significant supplement to each staff member's salary, and should therefore be viewed as additional compensation, paid in various forms, on behalf of each AAMC staff member.

Health Insurance

The AAMC offers two HMOs, a PPO plan, and a network-only plan from which to choose medical insurance. Separate dental and vision plans are also available. The AAMC pays the entire cost of an individual's premium to an AAMC sponsored medical and dental plan, and currently contributes toward the monthly cost of dependents' coverage through any AAMC sponsored plan. Domestic partners are eligible to participate. Choices include:

  • Kaiser Permanente HMO
  • CareFirst BlueChoice HMO
  • PPO Plan with CareFirst network of providers
  • Network-only Plan with CareFirst's network of providers
  • Guardian Dental Plan
  • UnitedHealthcare Vision Care Plan

Flexible Spending Accounts

The AAMC provides a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Program, under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code. FSAs allow staff to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for medical expenses and dependent care expenses. Income directed into these accounts is not subjected to federal, state, Social Security, or Medicare taxes. The maximum annual amount to allocate towards a flexible spending account is $2550 for health care eligible expenses and $5000 for the dependent care eligible expenses. 

Annual Leave

Specialists and Associates accrue annual leave at the rate of 4.38 hours per pay period, up to 15 days per year. After 5 years of service staff members will accrue leave at the rate of 6.42 hours per pay period, up to 22 days per year. Program Leaders and Executives accrue annual leave at the rate of 6.42 hours per pay period, up to 22 days per year.

Sick Leave

Sick leave accrues at the rate of 3.5 hours per pay period, up to 12 days per year. Additionally, if a new staff member can provide documentation of accumulated sick leave from his/her previous employer, AAMC will credit the new staff with a sick leave balance of up to 20 days.

Sick Leave Trust

The Association's Sick Leave Trust program is an opportunity to build community among staff by supporting our colleagues faced with challenging circumstances. The program allows staff members to donate sick leave hours to a general fund. Those hours can then be accessed by staff members confronted with their own serious health condition, or that of a family member, as long as they have exhausted their sick and annual leave balances.


AAMC currently recognizes the following 10 days as paid holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • President's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday following Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Life and Disability Insurance

AAMC provides group term life insurance coverage to include accidental death and dismemberment. The amount of life insurance coverage is two times the staff member's salary, to a maximum of $700,000. Staff members incur a small tax liability if they choose to accept coverage in excess of $50,000.

AAMC provides $400,000 of accidental death or dismemberment insurance for staff members on business travel.

Under AAMC's short-term disability policy, 60 percent of a staff member's regular salary is paid after 6 consecutive weeks of disability, provided eligibility requirements are met. Benefits may continue for up to 20 additional weeks.

AAMC provides a long-term disability plan to insure protection for staff members who become totally disabled for longer than six months as a result of accident or illness. The plan pays 60 percent of a staff member's regular monthly salary, provided eligibility requirements are met.

Education Reimbursement

As a supporter of higher education, the AAMC will reimburse staff members for courses which are useful to a staff member's employment with the AAMC, or for courses that lead to a staff member's degree program. AAMC reimburses tuition of up to $5,250 per calendar year. Tuition is prorated for part time employees.


Staff members may begin contributing to AAMC's tax-deferred 403(b) retirement benefit plan through payroll deduction immediately upon employment. Staff who have completed one year of service with the association are eligible to receive an employer contribution to the plan. This one-year period is waived if the staff member's most recent employer was another nonprofit (including government agencies) and the staff member was eligible for that employer's retirement plan.

The base employer contribution is 8 percent of gross salary. Alternatively, AAMC makes a 10 percent contribution to the plan if the staff member contributes at least 2 percent of salary to the plan, via payroll deductions. The employer contributions will be made for eligible staff members upon completion of appropriate enrollment forms.

All employee and employer contributions are directed to TIAA-CREF and are vested immediately. The limit for employee contribution is based on the IRS limits as is the over age 50 catch-up contributions.

Work Week

The standard work week for non-exempt AAMC staff members is 35 hours.

Pay Periods

Pay periods are the 15th and last day of each month, unless these days fall on a weekend or holiday, in which case payday is the preceding workday.


AAMC employees may take advantage of three benefits that can reduce the costs of commuting to work.

AAMC grants employees a subsidy of up to $120 per month in SmartBenefits for staff use of local public transportation systems, commuter rails, or private commercial van pools. Those who choose to receive the subsidy must limit their on-site parking to a maximum of ten working days per month. Employees may begin participating in this program or change their current elections at the beginning of the month.

Pretax parking dollars can be deducted for utizling Metro garage stations.  You can allocate up to $240 pretax towards parking expenses. 

Staff who participate in a carpool are eligible for free parking at the AAMC garage. To qualify for the carpool benefit, there must be a minimum of three participants, all of whom are AAMC staff members.

Alternative Work Schedules

In support of a culture that values work-life balance while still maintaining the AAMC commitment to excellent service, the organization permits alternative work schedule options. Alternative work schedules, including such arrangements as part-time schedules, compressed work weeks, teleworking and job sharing, can allow employees to address personal issues while still fulfilling their responsibilities to constituents and customers.

Eligibility for participation in any alternative work schedule arrangement will depend on an assessment by the supervisor and/or division vice president that the proposed work schedule will enable the employee to fully meet their job responsibilities and constituent needs.

Child Care

AAMC offers emergency backup child care services to assist you with the challenges of balancing work and family obligations. Emergency child care services are open to all regular full and part time employees scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week who may experience a disruption in their regular child care arrangements. You are eligible for up to 10 days of back up care per calendar year at a co-pay of $15 per child per day with a maximum of $25 per family per day.  

Additional Benefits

The following benefits are also available to AAMC staff members:

  • Bereavement leave
  • Jury duty leave
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) administered by INOVA
  • Auto, homeowner's and Pet insurance through MetLife
  • Credit union membership with the U.S. Premier Federal Credit Union
  • Group banking services with Bank of America and Citibank
  • Group legal plan through United Legal Benefits
  • Wellness Program
  • Group Discounts (movie tickets, AT&T and Verizon, Microsoft programs and more)


The above staff benefits are subject to change without notice. It is association policy that failure to participate in optional benefit programs does not allow for conversion into cash payments or other forms of compensation.

The Association of American Medical Colleges is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. The association is committed to the policy of equal employment opportunity in recruitment, hiring, career advancement, and all other personnel practices. The AAMC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

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