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Action Plan 5: Strengthen the Nation’s Commitment to Medical Research and the Research Community

Celia Maxwell, MD; Kaveri Curlin; and Anurupa Dev, PhD, describe the role of diverse and inclusive environments in scientific discovery.

Extraordinary innovation and lasting progress in biomedical research require collaboration, diversity, and supportive and inclusive environments.

Individuals at medical schools and teaching hospitals are already doing great work in these areas, and together we can have greater momentum and impact. Through this action plan, the AAMC helps lead academic medicine towards more inclusive and innovative research and discovery that benefits the public, policy makers, and the academic and health care community.

Where we are now

We’re working on four major goals over the next five years:

  • We’re building communication, relevancy, and authority in the research community to make the AAMC a leading voice for biomedical researchers, faculty, trainees, and staff who are committed to improving biomedical research.

  • We’re strengthening and supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive biomedical research workforce by advancing solutions that improve the preparation, recruitment, and retention of diverse PhD, MD, and MD-PhD students, postdocs, and faculty.

  • We’re fostering participation of scientists and medical school staff in K-12 and public outreach and public engagement at medical schools and teaching hospitals.

  • We’re addressing policy opportunities that impact biomedical research and expanding our relationships with partner organizations and government agencies early in the policy development process.

What happens next

Over the next months, we’ll be focusing our efforts on:

  • Building engagement with the biomedical research community and surveying their needs.
  • Supporting promising postdoctoral researchers from diverse backgrounds as they transition from postdoctoral appointments into academic research faculty positions.
  • Creating resources and networking opportunities for individuals who are engaged in K-12 and public outreach.
  • Developing resources to support Appropriate Treatment of Research Trainees.
  • Creating an MD and MD-PhD physician-scientist training community focused on sharing models for training and career development throughout the entire physician-scientist career trajectory, with a focus on critical transition points.

Ways to get involved

Are you a scientist or science supporter who wants to connect with the AAMC and your peers across our member institutions on the topics above? To share your thoughts about how the AAMC can support and improve the research enterprise contact us at science@aamc.org.