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Action Plan 10: Adapt the AAMC to the Changing Needs of Academic Medicine

Stephany Aguilar and Eric Wilkerson share insights about how the AAMC is adapting to change and transforming constituent engagement.

Rapid systemic change is occurring throughout academic medicine and health care. For the AAMC to lead and serve our members through the magnitude of changes they face, the AAMC must be an even stronger, more effective association.

Through this action plan, the AAMC is taking a fresh look at our membership model and engagement with our community. By doing so, we will broaden and deepen our involvement with people in, and even beyond, academic medicine to achieve our mission.

Where we are now

  • We’ve made two important changes to the AAMC’s bylaws that allow medical students to more fully engage in the AAMC.  

    • The first bylaws change has increased the number of Organization of Student Representatives (OSR) non-voting participants. Based on the growth of medical schools and regional campuses, this change paves the way for the addition of more regional campus and main campus learners’ voices within OSR, increasing student representation and access to AAMC resources.  
    • The second bylaws amendment more broadly defines who may participate in AAMC affinity groups. This change will reduce potential or perceived barriers for students and residents to engage within the AAMC group structure in current and future iterations.  
  • We’re exploring new opportunities to increase institutional and individual engagement amid shifts in the multigenerational workforce and digital innovations, consolidation among health systems, increasing interprofessional teams of care providers, and globalization.

  • We’ve concluded our ideation work and are working to improve the infrastructure that will allow us to deepen and broaden our engagement with faculty, staff, and learners.

What happens next

  • Medical school deans can now appoint up to four medical students as representatives to the OSR. 

  • We’re forming internal teams that will be prepared to address the final recommendations from our engagement ideation team.

Ways to get involved