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    Medical Education Calls for Submissions

    Submissions for Learn Serve Lead 2021: The AAMC Annual Meeting are now closed.

    For more information email: educationalaffairs@aamc.org

    Additional Information

    Each meeting is a unique event and has its own submission criteria and submission site. Be sure you submit your presentation proposal to the meeting most appropriate for your work. To submit work to both a regional and the national meeting you MUST submit to each meeting's submission site.

    Each individual (per meeting) is limited to three (3) total submissions of any combination as co-author on a small group discussion, co-author on a workshop, co-author on a panel, or first author (presenter) on an oral abstract. There is no limit for the number of poster submissions as first or co-author.

    Your submission is considered a commitment to attend the meeting associated with your submission and present if your proposal is accepted.

    Helpful Resources

    Institutional Review Board (IRB) Consideration

    While IRB review/approval is not required for regional meeting submission, it is encouraged that the IRB is consulted when starting research or scholarly projects. The Academic Medicine Last Page, Primer for Submitting Health Professions Education Research to the IRB, is a helpful resource for navigating the IRB. Access the Academic Medicine Last Page.

    Abstract Composition

    AMEE Guide no. 108: Writing competitive research conference abstracts is a helpful resource for writing research abstracts. Access the guide on PubMed.