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    The CORE Experience

    The AAMC is currently supporting its fifth CORE cohort. AMCs participating in the CORE program have access to resources, learning opportunities including webinars and in-person meetings, and technical support from AAMC program experts and other CORE AMC leaders. Download our CORE Benefits and Services (PDF).

    During the engagement, the AAMC works closely with the AMC’s project team to ensure a successful implementation of the model and fosters the sharing of successes and challenges through regular collaborative activities. The AAMC team also ensures that AMCs have the necessary tools and experience to continue sustaining and expanding the program once the engagement period is over. Project CORE isn’t just about implementing new tools in the EMR but aims to enhance the referral experience through improved communication and coordination between providers. With the support of the CORE network, the AAMC provides new AMCs with insights, implementation resources, data, and expertise from over 35 AMCs and children’s hospitals, with over seven years of implementation experience.

    AMC participants will receive direct support in the following ways:

    Prelaunch of the CORE Model

    The AAMC team provides detailed information on preparing for successful implementation. A readiness assessment conducted by the AAMC helps guide the necessary preparatory efforts at your AMC, including a focus on baseline referral and access metrics to inform model implementation, the formation of your project team, and alignment of institutional resources to enable successful program rollout.

    Collaborative Kickoff Meeting

    Teams from each participating AMC participate in a kickoff meeting. This meeting, either in-person or virtual, provides operational details for successful implementation and establish the collaborative among the AMCs and their team members.

    Individual AMC Technical Assistance

    The AAMC team, together with CORE physician leads from AMCs that have implemented the model, conducts a personalized visit to each participating AMC to provide on-site (or virtual) technical assistance to the project team and to help identify solutions to early implementation barriers. Additionally, the AAMC holds individual calls with the AMC project team one to two times per month throughout the engagement to help troubleshoot local challenges and provide implementation guidance. The AAMC team is also available for ad hoc calls and email inquiries as questions or challenges arise.

    Learning Collaborative Activities

    The Project CORE collaborative enables AMCs to learn from each other and to share best practices and strategies for implementation. Key activities of the collaborative will include:

    Monthly Webinars

    Designed to focus on key aspects of implementation and to share lessons learned and troubleshoot challenges across teams.

    IT Conference Calls

    Collaborative-wide call for local IT builders to discuss the build and optimization of the eConsult and enhanced referral workflows, with input from clinician super users and IT staff from peer AMCs that have implemented the model.

    CORE Clips

    A regular program newsletter that features program updates, comparative data, and best practices.

    Peer-to-Peer Online Discussion Platform

    An online resource to foster peer-to-peer discussions across teams and collaboratives and to share resources and program updates.

    CORE Network Activities

    Regular calls and communications to disseminate key program updates and to support local priorities, such as payer engagement efforts, that are timely and relevant to all CORE AMCs.

    CORE Resources

    The AAMC will provide a suite of modules and resources that support all key aspects of program planning, implementation, data collection, program evaluation, and sustainability planning. These modules cover the following topics:

    • Program Implementation.
    • Primary Care Provider Outreach Strategies.
    • Specialist Outreach Strategies.
    • CORE Specialty Engagement & Template Development.
    • eConsult & Enhanced Referral IT Build Resources.
    • Establishing an Effective Quality Assurance Program.
    • Planning and Facilitating Effective Co-Management Conferences.
    • Overview of Program Data & Evaluation Metrics & Tools.

    In addition to the modules, a host of additional AAMC and CORE AMC resources are available to the collaborative, including:

    • Templates and specialty-specific comparison matrices.
    • “eConsults in Action” book of sample eConsults across a wide range of specialties.
    • Specialty-focused CORE newsletters.
    • Sample communication and implementation resources from other CORE AMCs, e.g., eConsult newsletters, provider outreach communications, quality assurance tools, etc.

    Download Project CORE's Benefits and Services Overview (PDF)