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    Interprofessional Testing of the AAMC Diagnostic Safety Toolkit

    Call for Applications

    AAMC member teaching hospitals are encouraged to apply for one of five $10,000 awards to utilize the AAMC diagnostic safety toolkit at their institution and share their experience, findings, and outcomes with AAMC and the other awardees.


    Transitions of care are ubiquitous in modern health care in the United States. These transitions are too often associated with harm from incomplete or ineffective communication of clinical information, leading to poorer health outcomes for patients and frustration and burnout for health care providers.

    One of the most high-risk transitions of care is from acute care settings to post-acute care settings, especially when the diagnostic evaluation may not be complete at the time of a patient’s discharge from the acute hospital setting. The volume and complexity of information to be communicated at hospital discharge are significant. This leaves multiple opportunities for confusion, omission, waste, and harm. It is quite clear that such breakdowns help contribute to the unacceptably high burden of diagnostic errors in the United States, with significant costs in terms of human life, suffering, and excess expenditures.

    Diagnostic error remains a leading patient safety priority for our nation's hospitals and health systems.


    In response to this issue, the AAMC developed the Diagnostic Safety Toolkit to facilitate discussion among clinicians and leaders at academic medical centers about institutional approaches to ensuring that diagnostic testing results are communicated reliably across transitions of care. The tools stimulate conversation, evaluate processes, and encourage standardized work across multidisciplinary and interprofessional teams.

    Required activities

    Each participating institution will be expected to engage in the following activities:

    1. Convening an interdisciplinary, interprofessional team to implement a diagnostic safety toolkit:
      • Suggested approach is laid out in pg. 4-5 of the toolkit
    2. Participating in two virtual forums before June 30, 2023 (details TBD):
      • During these forums, participating institutions will be sharing their experience in implementing the toolkit, what changes are being implemented, if any, and outcomes as a result of the changes.
    3. Submitting a written summary of experience, findings, and outcomes.
    4. Collaborating with AAMC on future diagnostic safety activities such as:
      • Participating in future AAMC meetings.
      • Assisting with future revision to the toolkit.

    Eligibility requirements

    In order to be eligible for an award through this funding opportunity, applicants must:

    1. Be an AAMC member teaching hospital.
    2. Identify a faculty champion or point person to lead the work and be the point of contact.
    3. Commit to the activities described above.

    Anticipated timeline

    Application period opens November 14, 2022
    Application period closes December 5, 2022
    Recipients announced December 9, 2022
    Payments dispersed TBD
    AAMC virtual forums with award winners TBD


    Submit a one-page letter of interest to jfaerberg@aamc.org no later than 11:59 p.m. ET, December 5, 2022, including the following information:

    1. Contact information including:
      • Name of AAMC member institution.
      • Faculty Champion/Point of Contact - full name; title; email address; and phone number.
    2. A brief description of your institutional commitment to diagnostic safety and how you envision this toolkit will support your commitment.
    3. Statement committing to use of the complete toolkit and participating in all award-related activities.

    Award selection

    Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    • Meets eligibility requirements as laid out above.
    • Demonstrated commitment to diagnostic safety and expected use of toolkit.
    • Diversity in geography and type of teaching hospital.

    Additional information

    Successful applicants may have additional opportunities to collaborate with the AAMC on future diagnostic safety activities beyond the award period.

    Questions about this funding opportunity may be directed to Jennifer Faerberg.